Habib VesOpen

For Vascular Remodelingvescoag

Product Description

The Habib™ VesOpen Catheter is a novel endovascular radiofrequency (RF) catheter for vascular remodelling and dilatation of vascular stenosis.  This RF catheter can be inserted by the interventional radiologist for benign or malignant cases of vascular stenosis and occlusion.  This device aims to open up areas of vascular stenosis due to arteriosclerosis or malignant disease. For the latter, RF ablation is designed to destroy any intravascular tumour thrombosis or vascular encasement.

The Habib™ VesOpen has been also used for clearance of tumour thrombus in the portal vein, for clearance of vascular stent (Research phase) and for renal arteries to cause reduction of hypertension (Research phase).