Habib VesCoag

For Precise Vascular Occlusionvescoag

 Product Description

The Habib™ VesCoag is a novel endovascular radiofrequency (RF) catheter that is particularly effective for precise vascular occlusion. It is used by interventional radiologists for RF endovascular ablation as part of palliative treatment of primary and secondary cancer of the liver in cases where a tumour is not suitable for surgical resection. Clinically it can be used to arrest hemorrhage following trauma or biopsy, to stop bleeding in benign disease, to cause partial or total vascular occlusion to tumor blood supply in combination with chemo-embolisation and to occlude vessels for indications such as arterio-venous fistulae and varicocele. The Habib™ VesCoag has also been recently used for closing internal iliac arteries with aortic stent (Research phase) and for opening occluded vascular stent including TIPS (Research phase).