Habib EndoHPB

Ablation of Tissue in the Bile Ductendohpb4

  • CE Marked, FDA 510K and CFDA approved.
  • Increases patency of biliary ducts.
  • Used in both placement and clearance of biliary stents.
  • Designed to work with all leading RF Generators.

Product Description

The Habib™ EndoHPB is a novel endoscopic bipolar radiofrequency (RF) probe developed to ablate tissue in the bile duct. This RF catheter can be used by the endoscopist for tumours in the bile duct and head of pancreas. It allows partial destruction of the tumour prior to stent insertion, which can result in longer stent patency by delaying tumour growth, and can also be used to clear obstructed metal stents.