Habib Endoblate

Ablation of Tumours in Hollow Organsendoblate

Product Description

The Habib Endoblate™ is a novel bipolar radiofrequency (RF) probe that is particularly effective for performing endoluminal ablation of gastrointestinal tumours that are not suitable for surgical resection. The Endoblate’s tip consists of three contact electrodes and one ring electrode. The electrodes are activated by bipolar radiofrequency energy with no need for grounding pads to be applied to the patient, eliminating the complications that can arise from this. Using endoscopic visualization, the probe is designed to be introduced either through the working channel of an endoscope or through an operating proctoscope during transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEMS). Energy is applied to the targeted gastrointestinal tumour to cauterize and coagulate the tissue. The Habib™ Endoblate can be used to stop bleeding and relieve obstruction caused by tumours in the stomach, duodenum and rectum.