• Venous : 4.7Fr., 6.6Fr., 9.3Fr.
  • Arterial: 6.6Fr.
  • Peritonial: 9.3Fr.
  • Attachable & Pre- attachable Ports
  • Complete introducer kits

New Generation Implantable Ports

    Implantable ports are percutaneous access devices that are placed subcutaneously in the chest region. The IMPLANTABLE PORTS main indication is the administration of chemotherapy medications by intra-venous, intra-arterial, intra-peritoneal route. Districath Ports are also used for the injection of blood products or for blood sampling and parenteral nutrition.

What is it ?

  • Cancer patients requiring Chemotherapy usually have their venous system compromised due to high toxicity of the chemotherapeutic agents. These patients require reliable venous access for their repeated treatments including blood sampling.
  • Districath Port was developed to address this problem in cancer patients. It consists of a port or a chamber and a silastic Ports. The chamber on the top has silicon septum which is self-sealing and can take multiple needle pricks.

Clinical advanages :

  • No more venipunctures
  • No more chances of extravasation
  • Blood sampling can be done through the port
  • Cosmetic


  • IMPLANTABLE PORTS are manufactured by Districlass Medical SA., France. The brand name of the port is DISTRICATH.
  • Implantable Port sizes available :
    • 4.7 Fr. with 5.0 Fr. Introducer Kit
    • 6.6 Fr. with 7.0 Fr. Introducer Kit
    • 9.3 Fr. with 10.0 Fr. Introducer Kit
  • Also available arterial and peritoneal ports.