Solero Microwave

  • 2.45 GHz Operating System
  • Solid State Generator - No annual calibration required
  • Power up to 140W - Speedy ablations
  • Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface
  • Integrated Peristalic pump - Continuous device cooling
  • No Grounding Dispersive / Neutral Electrode Required
  • 5cm Ablation in only 6 minutes

What is it?

    Solero Microwave Generator is an ablation device that uses microwave energy to evaporate the water molecules in malignant cells of the tumors. The System consists of a Solero Microwave generator and applicators.

Where does it work ?

    Tumors upto 5 cm in diameter in the liver, lung and kidney.

How it works

    The physician would find out the location of the lesion through a CT scan or Ultrasound. Under CT/ Ultrasound guidance he may insert the applicator to the target tissue and when he reaches the lesion/ tumor he turns on the generator which emits microwave energy. This Microwave energy generates heat, which would cause tissue necrosis by vaporizing all the water molecules present in the tissues.

Clinical Advantages

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Usually performed under mild sedation or local anaesthesia


  • Solero Applicators are available in 14 cm, 19 cm and 29 cm length.